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One of the most difficult fields to break into is professional modeling. If you want to break into this business, you not only need good looks, but also you need business sense. The most important factor in having a successful career as a model is knowing the right glamour model photographers. Many of the top models work with the same photographers in the early stages of their careers, and then go on to work with the top fashion photographers for special magazine photo shoots and advertising campaigns.

If you're trying to break into the industry, the first thing you need to do is find a reliable resource for glamour model photographers. You need to find headshot photographers who know the business, and know how to put your best foot forward in each and every photo. Unlike actor headshots, modeling headshots are often full-body, color photos. While acting headshots need to be a realistic representation of you, modeling photos are often highly stylized representations of reality.

What to Look for in Glamour Model Photographers

The top glamour model photographers work for the best magazines and command the top dollars. You normally cannot book them to shoot something as rudimentary as model portfolios or actor headshots. You can expect to work with these professionals as you career grows and you make a name for yourself. Meanwhile, there are a number of photographers, mostly in LA and New York who know the ins and outs of the business, and can get you working.

The right photographer can bring out your best features and should provide you with a look that helps you stand out among the other men and women in the business today. You may need to work with several photographers before you find one that brings out the best in you every time. Once you find a photographer who you gel with, it's a good idea to stick with him while your career is getting off the ground. To gain additional experience and some other looks for your portfolio, you should still work with others as you can. Your portfolio is your key to finding a modeling agency that not only represents you to casting agents, but also believes in your earning potential as a working model.

Use your first shoots as a chance to learn modeling techniques. Pay attention to the photographer's use of lighting, props, backgrouinds, etc. The more you know about what is going on around you, the better job you can do as a model.

Good luck with your career!

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