Vividere Glamour Photography and Models- Glamour Model Registration
Vividere Glamour Photography and Models- Glamour Model Registration
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.Attention: . M O D E L S

    VIVIDERE GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY AND MODELS is currently seeking exceptional
    models worldwide for various catalog, calendar, print, advertising, commercial
    and film projects. Interested models must be attractive, physically fit, have a
    proportional build, and lots of enthusiasm. We can work with experienced and
    beginning models. No experience is required.
C u r r e n t . N e e d s :

Petite Glamour Models (under 5'7")
Fetish Models
Athletic Types
Swimsuit & Lingerie Models
Asian & Hispanic Glamour Models
Females with "Exotic Look"
Female Models 5'0" - 5'11" for Asian Catalog Markets


      Vividere Glamour Photography is a multimedia enterprise specializing in the glamour,
      swimwear, fetish and fitness markets. We work with the highest
      quality models available in these fields.


Attention Petite Models:
Although Vividere Glamour Photography represents glamour models for various clients,
we also represent PETITES (models under 5'7") for the catalog, calendar, magazine,
swimwear and sportswear markets. Unlike the fashion and runway markets, models
in this category do not have to be 5'9", but do need to be very attractive, physically
fit and have a proportional build.
      F R E E  W E B  . L I S T I N G S !
      To find out if you can qualify as an Vividere Glamour model simply follow
      the steps below. We do provide FREE listings for all of our models on our web sites
      and several other commercial model sites and Internet search engines. Our service
      has been very successful in utilizing the World Wide Web to book assignments for our
      models worldwide. Through the Internet our models can be seen by literally hundreds
      of thousands of industry professionals, agents, art directors, photographers -- WORLDWIDE!
      L O O K I N G .  F O R . T H E .  B E S T !
      Vividere Glamour is currently under a huge expansion. And we will be seeking qualified
      models worldwide. We are looking for top quality models who are enthusiastic and have a
      strong desire to succeed in the modeling business. In order to maintain the highest
      quality images we are very selective in choosing new models to add to our network and
      of course not every applicant will have the look we require.
          A B O U T  . P H O T O G R A P H S :
          In order to effectively represent yourself you must have top quality professional photos
          of yourself for use on your web sites, comp cards and agency lists.
          We recommend you ALWAYS using a professional make-up artist and stylist when doing a photo session
          to get prints for your portfolio. And we highly recommend working with the best
          Professional Photographer that you can afford. Your photos whether on a comp card or on
          the Internet are the first image the potential client will have of you and thus the most
          important. Success in this industry will greatly depend on the quality of your book.
      I F  . Y O U  . N E E D . P H O T O S :
      If you need a portfolio or need to update your current book we will be happy to provide
      you with an assortment of photo types to help with a quality portfolio using
      photographers, make-up artists and stylists who can help you create the perfect
      portfolio. If you need photos for your portfolio please be sure to indicate this when replying.


    To be considered for test or paying assignments please follow the steps below:


                  • OR...

      V I V I D E R E
      G l a m o u r P h o t o g r a p h y & M o d e l s
      Post Office Box 332 . Farmington . MN 55024-0332
      Phone: 6 5 1 . 4 6 0 . 8 0 5 5
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