Vividere Glamour Photography Model and Client Praise and Acknowledgments
Vividere Glamour Photography Model Praise and Acknowledgments

Thanks a bunch, your the greatest!
Dawn (professional model and pageant winner)

got them today! right on! i'm going back to work right now, but i'll post some more ish when i get home about how great ur pics are. I really do like them :) ur awesome, thanx so much for the cute cd, and the slideshow fucking rawked. < 3

LeXXXy (amateur model)

BY the way, the images you've taken of me are superb!
I'm undecided, as to what my favourite batch of images are. lol.

Xena (dominatrix and professional model)

(sent after the shoot)

Woo hoo!!!!! You rock my world, dontcha knoww!! Thanks for all your hard work!

Melissa Ferlaak (singer for Aesma Daeva)

(and after she got her pix)

LOVE THEM! hahaha! Well, I only got through half but so far they are so fun! I looked through the first set and then the most of the last ones with the bed frame! Fun! some are totally kooky, but yeah! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! :) YOu have a great eye! :) Love ya babes! Melissa


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do that, It was totally sweet! I am so excited to see my pictures!

Love Jeannie (model)

I had a lot of fun today!! I know the pics will look great. Thank you again!!!!!!!
(and then later)

I almost died they looked so amazing!! I would love to come back when I get my new hair put in, haha. We could do some cool stuff with that. Wow, that smolder one is one of the best pics I've ever seen of me. You're a genious! F**k those girls that didn't show up; they don't know what they're missing.
Angelia  (metal band member and model)


Thanks Lew! They are great. You did a fabulous job (considering what you had to work with). It was a lot of fun for me.

angel  (boudoir client)


thanks again, Lew- you're the best!!!!!
ang  (boudoir client)


I finally saw the Lollipop set and wanted to let you know I think you did an awesome job. MUAH!
Big Warm Hugs,
Genevieve Lee  (professional model)


I had such a good time working with you! You're an incredible photographer, and an even more wonderful man. I sure hope you'll let me come back again!

Victoria Von Helkine   (professional model)



I got the CD, it is AWESOME!!! Thank you very much. It was so much fun working with you. I can't wait to see you again in Palm Springs or LA. Thanks.


Candy Gisela   (professional model)



You know that if you ever need a reference for hosting I would LOVE the chance to tell people how awesome you are...

Thanks SO much!

Matt   (hosting client)


I think you're an AWESOME photographer and look forward to working with you again.

Stevie   (model)


You are awesome!

Cassandra   (model)


Hi there, It was My pleasure to work with you. I had a wonderful time. Thanks for all the help and education (including my measurements:)!).

I look foward to hearing from you, Candice   (model)


I just wanted to say thank you for doing the photographs last night. I had lots of fun doing it -- so much fun I am thinking of doing it again this summer if that is an option. I wanted to tell you that I really appreciated the time you took with me and the patience you had with such an "amatuer". I know I am not "model quality" but it was nice to be treated like one -- to be treated in a professional manner.

Thanks Lew!!!

Heather   (client)


...But if you come out to vegas in the mean time, let me know!! I was so excited to do some new stuff! you are still my favorite!

Kimberly   (professional model)


Love you, Lew...I miss you. Hope everything is going well for your life. Even though I may not speak with you oftern. You will always be in my heart. I mean that sincerely.

Avy   (professional model/actress)


Just wanted to say Thank you for the shoot! You were fun and really nice to work with! Hope you got some good quality images!

Kindest regards,
Lisa Marie : )   (professional model)


you da man!
xoxox Charlotte   (Playboy Playmate)

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